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Good morning 🤩
I hope that you're all well. Please remember that we are here in school and ready to help so please get in touch if you need any support. We'd love to hear from you.
I have been able to place the order for the free school meal vouchers this morning. You will receive an email when you will be able to redeem your voucher. I have not been given an estimated time for this but hopefully, as they are staggering when schools can order, it shouldn't be as long as last time!
Oak National Academy Virtual School Library
Oak National Academy, in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, has a virtual school library for us all to access.
Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.
This week the author is Jacqueline Wilson. Click the link to find out about Jacqueline Wilson and to read her best selling book, Tracy Beaker.
We are all so proud of your efforts to complete home learning and online lessons. Let's have a great week!
Ms Davison 💜



Good morning.

Thank you for your quick replies yesterday about school vouchers. It was great news announced yesterday that the Government has allowed the voucher scheme again which will come into place for lunches from next week.

I have just received my email from Edenred about ordering the vouchers. They are staggering when schools can place their order so I will receive an email some time next week to start ordering. I will let you know when this is. I will be able to prepare the spreadsheet in advance so that the order can go in quickly once we have received the go ahead. The email address used for vouchers over the Christmas holidays will be used. Please get in touch if you have changed your email address since then. I will be ordering one voucher per household for two weeks. So if you have one child, you will receive a voucher for £30 for two weeks; two children will receive £60 etc. Please get in touch if you have more than two children and would prefer weekly vouchers instead. 

For those parents/carers who have not ordered vouchers via Edenred before, I will upload the guide for you. It is currently not working on the Edenred site but I'll keep checking and upload it when it is available.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Ms Davison



Good morning,
We hope that you are well and working hard at home. Staff are trying to get in contact with families to make sure every one of our children are able to access their home learning and finding out what we can do to help with that.
If you have pay as you go or monthly contracts with any of the following networks...
• Three
• Smarty
• Virgin Mobile
• EE
• Tesco Mobile
• Sky Mobile
give me a ring anytime on 0191 3868416 or email and we will register you to get some free data to support learning at home. It takes a minute!
As you are all relying on technology at home for learning and entertainment during lockdown, it remains vital to keep conversations about online safety going and raise awareness of reporting routes if something goes wrong. Thinkuknow have developed resources to help parents and carers to support children at home.
Online safety at home packs
Simple 15 minute activities families can do to support their child's online safety at home. Packs are available for ages 4 to 14+. Parents can also watch our video guides on different online safety topics.
Please get in touch if you need any support.
Ms Davison 💜


The nursing team are still holding a variety of catch up clinics for the children who have not yet received the flu vaccination. Parents/carers who did not consent previously, can also attend these clinics with their children. Please click to find a list of catch up clinics.

catch up clinics


Good morning. We hope that everyone is well and managing to access all their work on the Class Dojo. We are really working hard to make sure that all children working at home are able to complete their learning successfully.

The Government has a scheme which can temporarily increase data allowances for mobile phone users on certain networks. This is so children and young people can access remote education if their face-to-face education is disrupted, as is currently the case.


We may be able to request mobile data increases for children who:

• do not have fixed broadband at home

• cannot afford the additional data needed to access educational resources or social care services

• have access to a mobile device that uses a participating network

• are facing disruption to their face-to-face education, or have been advised not to attend school


What data you will get depends on your mobile network. Some networks can’t offer data to Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers.

Children with access to a mobile phone on one of the following networks might be able to benefit:

• Three

• Smarty

• Virgin Mobile

• EE

• Tesco Mobile

• Sky Mobile


If you are relying on mobile data, and would like us to request a free temporary mobile data allowance increase to support home learning, please email with the following information.

• the account holder’s name

• the mobile number (a number beginning with ‘07’)

• the mobile network

• whether you pay monthly or pay as you go

We will also need to explain the privacy policy to the account holder which can be read here:

privacy policy

You would receive a text message when the free data has been activated. This data can be used when tethering a mobile phone to another device for internet access.

Please get in touch if you need any support.

Ms Davison 💜



Good morning! I hope that you are all well.

Thank you so much to all families who have logged in and got straight back into home learning using their Dojo. We have been really pleased to see such a high level of engagement. New work will be added each day and you are able to communicate with your child's teacher using Dojo if you have any issues. Teachers are teaching lessons in school still so if they don't reply immediately, this is why. 

If you have ordered a free school packed lunch, they will be available from 11.30 am each day (until the care packages start to be delivered). Mrs Bell will be ready by the kitchen door to hand them to you. Please keep to the social distancing rules as you are waiting - thank you.

I've had a few queries about the school care packages for children eligible for free school meals. I know it's confusing so I'll let everyone know here the answers to those questions.

1. As a school who uses Taylor Shaw for school meals, we have only been given the option for packed lunches as we currently have in place, moving to care packages hopefully from next week. We have not been given the option to have vouchers again. If this changes, we will let you all know immediately. 

2. Care packages will need to be collected from school. We will text to let you know when they have been delivered.

3. We have not been given an option to change the contents of the packages. 

4. All Infant children currently get free school meals as part of the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme. Unfortunately, it is only those children who would eligible for a free school meal anyway, regardless of the universal scheme, who are eligible for the care packages.

If you have not let school know yet if you would or would not like to order these packages from next week, please let us know today. A text was sent at 3.00 pm yesterday which you will still be able to reply to. 


Thank you for your cooperation and kind words. Please get in touch if you need any support. We're here to help. 

Ms Davison 💜


Free School Meals

Taylor Shaw, school’s catering company, have been in touch to inform us that children eligible for free school meals, who are not in school, will receive a weekly care package from next week. We will still have packed lunches for you to collect each day until these care packages start to be delivered. We will let you know as soon as we know the date. This will depend on how quickly everyone gets back to school with their order.

Each child will receive one care package per week. So, if you have two children, you will receive two packages a week, etc.

Every care package will contain:

1 loaf of bread

2 packets of bread buns



200g of cheese

½ dozen eggs

1 tin of beans

5 portions of fruit

4 fruit yoghurts

A text will be sent at 3.00 pm today to ask if you would like a care package for each of your children. Please reply yes or no and I will order them for you.

Thank you.



Letter from Lily Morris, our Positive Futures Advisor:

click to read letter



Happy New Year everyone!

We hope that you all managed to have time over Christmas to celebrate together in some way with your family and friends, even if not in the same way as usual. We also hope that you are all well or recovering quickly if you have been ill.

The start of the new term has not been as we hoped but I would like to thank everyone for working with us so brilliantly yesterday so that we could be prepared this morning to start with home learning. Teachers worked hard yesterday to transfer their lesson plans to the Dojo so please do make sure that you log on this morning to start to get into new routines at home.

As you will have heard from Boris Johnson's announcement last night, schools will now be closed to most children (apart from critical workers and vulnerable children) for the whole of this half term.

We are in school to support you with this so please get in touch.

Teachers emails are as follows:


Class 1:

Class 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Class 4:

School address:

Telephone: 0191 3868416

We are here to help and support you all, so if you need any help or any log in information or guidance, please contact us today so that we can get off to a great start with home learning.

Please stay safe everyone and take care.

Ms Davison 💜