School Meals, Milk and Fruit
Teaching Assistant:
Miss Wilson
Lunchtime Supervisor:
Miss Watkinson
Lunchtime Supervisor:
Mr Winter
Lunchtime Supervisor:
Miss Stephenson
School Cook:
Mrs Bell
School Cook's Assistant:
Mrs Cairns

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The school offers pupils the opportunity to have a cooked midday meal provided by contractors Taylor Shaw, who ensure that the meal is balanced and meets national food standards.

School meals are prepared freshly in the school’s kitchen by Mrs Nicola Bell and Mrs Wendy Cairns. The children enjoy a variety of healthy meals including a vegetarian option, salads and fruit each day. Please click on the link below to see the latest school menus.

We encourage parents and carers to pay weekly, per half term or termly. The cost for a school meal is £2.05 per day or £10.25 per week. Payments should come into the school office in a sealed envelope labeled 'Dinner Money' with your child's name, class and amount enclosed, written on the front.

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 classes are all entitled to Free School Meals under the Government initiative which commenced in September 2014. Parents do not have to pay for the meals and it is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of a tasty hot meal at school.

School Dinner Menus

Children choose which meal they would like to eat every day by circling their choice on the menus. They receive a coloured band daily to match their meal selection which they wear to inform kitchen staff which meal they have selected.

current menu from April 2018

Click here for information about new Summer menu 2019

Packed Lunches

If you prefer your child may have a packed lunch. We ask that you ensure packed lunches are healthy and well balanced as we do encourage healthy eating at school.

Please note that we are a nut free school, thank you. 

Policy for Packed Lunches, at School and on Educational Visits

At Laurel Avenue Primary, we are committed to working towards making sure that Packed Lunches follow the same principles as all other food provided in School, which is now regulated by law.

Packed Lunch Policy 2018

At Laurel Avenue Primary, we are committed to working towards making sure that Packed Lunches follow the same principles as all other food provided in School, which is now regulated by law.


Our aims are:

To contribute to children’s health and well being

To educate children about healthy life choices

To ensure that all packed lunches brought from home and eaten at school (or on educational visits) provide the child with healthy and nutritious food that is similar to midday meals served in schools, which is now regulated by national standards


 We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.


Fruit for Schools Initiative

All children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1, receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable for a snack at playtime as part of the Government’s scheme to promote healthy eating.

Children in Key Stage 2 do not receive free fruit or vegetables, however they may purchase a piece of fruit for 50p per week.


Free Milk in School

As part of the school food standards introduced in January 2015 children who are entitled to free school meals on income grounds will also be entitled to a free drink of milk.

Our school offers all children a drink of milk every lunchtime, in addition to their usual drink of water. At Laurel Avenue Community Primary School, all children will be invited to take a drink of milk if they choose, not just those eligible for free school meals.

If you would like to pay for your child to receive additional milk during first break at 10.15 am, you will need to register with Cool Milk. The cost of school milk is subsidised for pupils aged five or older at a cost of less than £15 a term.

Each pupil that registers with Cool Milk will receive a 189 ml portion of semi-skimmed milk every day, which is delivered fresh and chilled.


How to register

Complete a registration form or register online at When registering on line you are then able to make an immediate payment for your child. Alternatively, you will receive a payment request within 48 hours after registering.

You can pay Cool Milk directly either online, over the phone, at a local PayPoint or by cheque in half-termly, termly or annual instalments. School will not be able to accept any payments for milk.

If you have any questions regarding school milk please visit or contact Cool Milk directly on 0844 854 2913.


Special diets and allergies

The school recognises that some pupils may need special diets for medical reasons that do not allow the standards to be met exactly. In this case parents are asked to be responsible in making sure that packed lunches are as healthy as possible. For these reasons pupils are not allowed to swap items.

If school knows of any children with a severe nut allergy, we will consult with the people involved and take any necessary action, which may mean banning known nut products.

Parents should let the class teacher or Ms Davison know of any issues connected with their child’s diet. Consultation can be arranged with the school nurse if needed.


The Golden Table

Six children are selected one Friday every fortnight to sit at The Golden Table. These children come into the lunchtime hall five minutes earlier and have their food brought to them personally. They enjoy juice and water in their golden glasses and sit at a special decorated Golden Table.