Marvellous Me

At Laurel Avenue Community Primary School we use MarvellousMe to supercharge family conversations about school and help your child do better. 

All parents/carers and any member of the family who you wish to be involved can download the free MarvellousMe app and then get started using a unique code for their child. If you choose to sign up you will:

  • Experience your child's school day Get alerts every time your child’s teacher posts an activity, awards your child a badge, or sends you a message. Safely share the news with the whole family.
  • Support your child's learning and developmentHave more meaningful conversations with your child about school and practise topics together. Your involvement will have the biggest impact on their ongoing success.
  • Celebrate your child's success Smile every time your child gets a badge. Tell them how proud you are and reinforce their good work and positive behaviours.
  • Keep up-to-date Get messages and reminders from your child’s teacher and ‘Hi5’ them back.

Please call in at the office if you need your child's code and we'll set you up!