School Rules

Our Code of Conduct




  1. Take Care of Yourself

  • Do anything silly or dangerous where you might be hurt.
    Stay in school at break times or leave school without permission.



  • Tell someone if you are unhappy, being picked on or bullied.




  2. Take Care of Others

  • Do anything to hurt others (such as hitting/name calling).
    Distract others from working.
    Be cheeky or rude to adults.


  • Be friendly to adults, visitors and other children.




  3. Take Care of your School

  • Steal or deliberately damage school equipment.
    Drop litter or deface the school building.
    Give the school a bad name.


  • Be proud of your school.


These basic rules are simplified and displayed in all classrooms and corridors and regularly discussed with nursery and reception aged children.


2.     Our Listening Code                                          3.    Our Line up Code

         When I am asked for my attention I:                   When I am asked to line up I:

     Stop what I am doing                                          Walk to the end of the line

     Empty hands/show me five                               Leave a person space

     Look at the teacher                                             Keep my hands and my feet to myself

     Keep quiet and still                                             Keep quiet and still

     Listen to instructions                                          Listen to instructions


Download our home school agreement