We would like to foster a feeling of community and identity within our school. For this reason, we ask children to wear the following uniform.

This list does seem very prescriptive. Many of our older children asked for a specific list of exactly what was and wasn't acceptable uniform and we worked together with our Year 5 and 6 children to ensure that there would be no confusion as a result of this detailed and hopefully helpful list.


Bottle green school jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan

Bottle green or white polo shirt

Black or dark grey school trousers

Black or dark grey school skirt

Black or dark grey school pinafore


Plain, religious dress in school colours


Thick tights – plain black, bottle green or dark grey

Plain dark coloured or white socks

Summer dresses in green and white stripes or gingham



Plain black school shoes

Plain black boots

Plain black trainers with only a minimal of colour

Black or dark coloured laces only


For health and safety reasons, the following footwear is not on the uniform list: Flossies, canvas shoes/boots, Ugg boots, flip flops and sandals.

No medium or high heeled shoes or boots

Wellies are great footwear to wear to come to School when the weather is bad. Shoes, not slippers, must be brought into School to change into. Wellies should not be worn all day.

Legionnaire Caps - £5



At Laurel Avenue, we allow one pair of studs to be worn in the earlobes, as long as they are taken out for PE, swimming and sports clubs, remaining the responsibility of the child if taken out in School.

Earrings should not be worn on the day of PE and swimming. If a child has their ears pierced during term time, they will need to bring plasters to cover their earrings in PE lessons during the six to eight week healing period. Children will be asked to take their earrings out for all PE and sports activities. Plasters can be used to cover earrings if a child is unable to take their earrings out.

One pair of small studs to be worn in bottom of earlobe only  

No other facial or body piercings to be worn

A watch can be worn, appropriately sized


We would advise that if children are having their ears pierced, they do this at the beginning of the summer holidays.


Make-Up and Nails

No make-up should be worn

No nail varnish or false nails


Hair and Hair Decorations

Hair of below shoulder length should be tied up at all times

No extreme haircuts, including mohicans, spikes, bright colours

Hair decorations should be:

Reasonably sized

Simple and practical and in school colours – dark green, black, white but can also be silver or gold or natural hair coloured or green and white gingham to match summer dresses

Can include hairbands, bobbles, clips and scrunchies

No hair extensions


PE Kits

Dark green, black or dark blue shorts

White or dark green t-shirt

Black plimsolls

Trainers and Flossies are not part of the indoor PE kit uniform

Outdoor PE kit consists of tracksuit bottoms and trainers but will only need to be brought into School on request, either by letter or by text


All earrings, watches and hair ornaments should be removed for PE and sports activities


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans and fleece jackets are available to buy or order from school. Some samples of uniform can be seen in school and some sizes are available to try.  Unfortunately we are unable to exchange items unless the item is faulted. A minimum non refundable deposit of £5.00 is payable on placing your order, the balance to be paid on arrival. Cheques should be made payable to 'Laurel Avenue School Fund'.