School Council


Meet our School Council

Kiera, Bradleigh, Oliver, Mac, Ellie, Oliver, Tyler, Anas, Darcie, Lee, Liam, Daisy, Scarlett and Erin

We are proud to have an active School Council at Laurel Avenue Community Primary School. The School Council runs to involve the children in making decisions about our school.

Each year the children elect a member from each Year Group to represent them on the School Council. These children then report back to their class councils.  Mrs Walters supports the school council.

Ideas and decisions are reported back to the Headteacher.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss whole school issues.

Most recent discussions have included:

Safer playtimes

Playground buddies

Fund raising ideas

How to improve our school library

Student Leaders

Stationery Shop

Playground Markings


Our School Council like to organise events to raise money for charity:

Red Nose Day 2017 raised £74!