Plans for Remote Learning 


There is an expectation that every school has a robust home learning offer for all pupils should they have to self-isolate or should a year group, bubble or whole school have to be sent home. There is also an expectation that schools keep a tight track of what pupils are doing at home and how they are managing with this home-learning.

The following is guidance for parents/carers based on what we believe will be the most beneficial activities for your pupil to help them to ‘keep up’ whilst also following our school curriculum as closely as possible. There is a strong focus on reading, writing and basic number work as well as suggestions for other curriculum areas.


Our School Offer

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Laurel Avenue Community Primary School and Nursery will endeavour to provide all pupils with:

  • immediate remote education
  • a curriculum sequence that allows access to high-quality online and offline resources and teaching videos that are linked to the school’s curriculum expectations
  • give access to high quality remote education resources
  • work with families to deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum
  • set assignments so that pupils have meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects
  • teach a planned and well-sequenced curriculum so that knowledge and skills are built incrementally, with a good level of clarity about what is intended to be taught and practised in each subject

Preparation by School

The school will ensure that the following actions are taken prior to any pupils needing to self-isolate or partial or full closure of the school:

We will provide all pupils with an exercise book that they can use for their daily writing and any other paper-based activities that they do at home.  Should you require pens / pencils or any other equipment please let us know.

All pupils will be provided with a basic resource pack to support remote learning.  These packs will be sent home and parents/carers asked to store these for any future needs. 

The pack includes:

  • Basic stationery items
  • Blank exercises books
  • Paper
  • Login cards for all online learning platforms – Class Dojo, Mathletics, Big Maths, Purple Mash, Oxford Reading Buddy

Staff will ensure that all pupils understand how to access the school’s online learning platform (age appropriate) and support any parents/carers who struggle with this. Homework is accessed using the same online learning platforms so pupils and their families have frequent opportunities across the year to ensure they can access these easily.

When teaching pupils remotely, we will:

  • set meaningful and ambitious work each day in an appropriate range of subjects
  • provide teaching that is equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school. This will include both recorded or live direct teaching time and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently, and will be as a minimum:
  • Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day on average across the cohort, with less for younger children
  • Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day

Preparation at home

Parents/carers should endeavour to support pupils’ remote learning by creating a positive environment for their child to learn, for example:

  • Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, to separate school life and home life.
  • At the end of the day, have a clear cut-off to signal school time is over.
  • Create and stick to a routine.
  • Provide the correct equipment in order for your child to complete the work given.
  • Designate a working space if possible.
  • Make time for exercise and breaks throughout the day to keep your child active.
  • Reinforce the importance of pupils staying safe online.
  • Be aware of what your child is being asked to do, including: sites they will be asked to use and the school staff your child will interact with.
  • Emphasise the importance of a safe online environment. Set age-appropriate parental controls on digital devices and use internet filters to block malicious websites. These are usually free, but often need to be turned on.
  • Encourage your child to work to the best of their ability and praise their efforts.


Online Access

It is expected that pupils will access most of our remote learning through our online provision.  If parents/carers do not have access to an electronic device, we expect them to inform school and we will ensure they are provided with a laptop or tablet for the duration of their child’s absence.

If they do not have access to the internet (including mobile phone data), school will remind parents/carers that they can continue to liaise with school staff who will provide paper-based activities.


Stage 1 - If an individual pupil or a small number of pupils need to isolate

The school will endeavour to:

  • provide immediate access to our online learning platform through our online learning platform Class Dojo
  • provide individual login details for each of the learning platforms if requested
  • provide / signpost families to online, high quality lessons, videos and resources daily
  • ensure all resources and lessons provided, link to current curriculum objectives within their classroom
  • ensure work for each day is uploaded daily
  • carry out a welfare call to discuss remote learning, following three consecutive days absence, with subsequent calls as required
  • provide immediate access to a laptop or tablet (at parents/carers request), if no access to a device at home
  • provide paper-based resources for all subjects if the pupil has no internet access at home

Please remember that the class teacher will still be teaching a class of pupils in school and so will not be able to provide online learning immediately.


Parents/Carers are requested to:

  • inform school as soon as the pupil needs to isolate
  • inform school of any test results as soon as possible, the same day the result is given
  • inform school on the first day of absence, if they would like to borrow a laptop or tablet
  • inform school on the first day of absence, if they do not have any access to Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • access remote learning resources immediately, on the first day of absence
  • ensure work is completed according to the schedule of work uploaded onto Class Dojo for that day
  • contact school if they have any concerns relating to the work provided
  • inform school when the pupil will be returning

Stage 2 – If one or more class bubbles need to close

The school will endeavour to:

Fulfil all of the above criteria and in addition:

  • inform parents that the bubble will close as soon as possible
  • activate the online messaging and work submission platform – Class Dojo
  • provide feedback via the online learning platform to review the previous day’s learning and address any common misconceptions
  • provide timely feedback to all pupils
  • respond to parents’ messages (that confirm to the messaging protocol) within school working hours 9:00 am – 3:30pm
  • adapt upcoming lesson provision based on the pupils’ work submitted the previous days
  • contact parents/carers who do not have access to the internet (or mobile data), weekly
  • contact parents/carers following no work submission or contact through messaging, after two consecutive days

Parents/Carers are requested to:

  • inform school on the first day of closure (or before if possible), if they would like to borrow a laptop or tablet
  • inform school on the first day of closure (or before if possible), if they do not have any access to Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • access remote learning resources immediately, on the first full day of absence
  • endeavour to complete work according to the schedule of work uploaded onto Class Dojo for that day
  • endeavour to submit completed work by the end of every school day
  • submit pupils’ work according to the schedule of work uploaded onto Class Dojo for that day
  • send messages to teachers should they have any queries
  • allow pupils to respond to any feedback, marking or improvement prompts, provided by the teacher

Stage 3 – If the whole school closes or goes into local/national lockdown

The school will endeavour to:

Fulfil all of the above criteria and in addition:

  • provide weekly welfare calls or communication via live lessons (if the closure exceeds two school weeks)
  • operate timely reward systems to celebrate home achievements
  • review the remote learning provision for foundation subjects e.g. providing school created videos
  • provide online sessions at least once a week depending on age of pupil

Further Support Available

If parents have any questions or concerns about remote learning, they should contact the following:

Issues in setting work – contact the relevant class teacher via email

Issues with behaviour – contact the relevant class teacher via email or Headteacher via email

Issues with IT – contact the relevant class teacher via email who can pass on the issues to the relevant person in school for support depending on the issue

Issues with their own workload or wellbeing – contact the Positive Futures Advisor: Lily Morris 07796288696

Concerns about data protection – talk to the Data Protection Officer: Helen Walters

Concerns about safeguarding – talk to the Designated Safeguarding Lead: Gaynor Davison, Helen Walters or Chris Lawson


While we will endeavour to implement the steps outlined above, there may be circumstances beyond the control of the school that could impact on provision.  For example, levels of staff absence or temporary technical difficulties.