We are very happy to be able to welcome all children back to school from Monday 8th March. 

It is mandatory for all children to attend from March 8th which means all children need to be in every day. If your child cannot attend, please contact school to let us know, as usual. You will need to bring in any appointment letters if your child has an appointment during school time or if they need to be collected or dropped off at a time different to usual.

It is extremely important that parents and carers stick to socially distancing rules during drop off and collection times. 

Please read this letter from Richard Crane, the Head of Education:

Parents/carers Letter -  Primary Schools Gatherings at School gates 

Please make sure your child has their water bottle in school every day, filled with water, as we are not using any communal water fountains.

Children will need to wear their uniform as usual. They are able to wear an extra layer if they will be cold in their classrooms.


In order to ensure social distancing, we are staggering the times for dropping off and collecting your child from school.

There is a one-way system in place for both dropping off and collecting your children, exactly the same as autumn term.

Both the drop off times and collection times have been very carefully organised so it is important that they are kept to as much as possible. Even five minutes too early or too late will cause the system to work inefficiently. Thank you.


Family Group:

If more than one child in your family will be attending school or nursery, you can bring them all to school at the same time - please follow these instructions.

Bring your family to enter through main school gates for the time your youngest child has to start school. These times are listed over the next pages for each class. 

You will need to collect your children at the time your oldest child finishes school in order for them to complete their full day.

If you wish your child to walk to school by themselves (Class 3 and 4) then they should arrive at school at the same time as their Class Bubble and walk straight into school, as directed by staff.

Please do no attend before the allocated start time unless they have a younger sibling and are coming to school as a family. 



If you only have one nursery child attending, please bring your child to nursery for 9.00 am if they attend a morning session, or 12.15 pm if they attend an afternoon session.


Class 1:

Bring your child to enter through main school gates 8.50am.

Collect your child using the one-way system at 3.00 pm.


Class 2:

Bring your child to enter through main school gates 9.00am.

Collect your child using the one-way system at 3.10 pm.


Class 3A and 3B:

Bring your child to enter through main school gates 9.10am.

Collect your child using the one-way system at 3.20 pm.


Class 4:

Bring your child to enter through main school gates 9.20am.

Collect your child using the one-way system at 3.30 pm.



Classes 1 –4 will have two non-contact PE sessions per week within their Bubble Groups. On PE days, please send your child to school in a PE kit consisting of their school jumper and polo shirt as usual but with either dark, plain leggings, or dark plain tracksuit bottoms and dark, plain trainers or plimsolls. We will not be getting changed for PE for the foreseeable future so please do not send your child to school with their PE kit.

Weather permitting, PE will take place outside as part of our aim to use the outside environment as much as possible.


PE Days are as follows:

Class1: Monday and Wednesday

Class 2: Monday and Wednesday

Class 3: Tuesday and Friday

Class 4: Tuesday and Thursday (change of days from autumn term)


Very important…

If your child, or a member of your household, displays symptoms of Covid-19, they should not come to school until a test has been taken by the person with symptoms. If the test is negative, your child can return to school. If the test is positive, they must stay at home until their isolation period has been completed.

Please keep school informed.

We will contact you to let you know if you need to collect your child from school if they are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or if there has been a positive case of Covid-19 and your child has been identified as a close contact. Please make sure that we have up to date contact details at all times. 

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