Curriculum Drivers

Ambition and Possibilities

To have a life-long love of learning that inspires them to look to the future

To have high expectations of themselves and their future

To recognise opportunities beyond the local community

To increase knowledge of different career choices

To develop self-confidence and a ‘have a go’ attitude



Planning to ensure opportunities to raise children’s self-belief and develop a positive attitude towards risk and challenge

Focus on ambition, identifying different jobs and possibilities through topics, visits and visitors; role models for success

Regular opportunities to work as a team, especially Key Stage 2

Life Skills and Enterprise

To develop questioning and research skills, applying to a range of hands-on learning experiences

To work effectively as a team to organise themselves and create an end product

To work independently and be organised and ready for learning

To listen and communicate with others

To complete set tasks in a given period and not give up

To have excellent attendance

To think ‘creatively’ to solve problems

To be equipped for life beyond Primary School



Opportunities for learning through each of the 5 learning skills - reflective, relationships, resilient, resourceful and risk taking will be provided

Through each topic, children will have opportunities, through a wider range of skills-based lessons, to take ownership of their learning and direct it more

Wider opportunities for learning beyond the curriculum to equip children with relevant life skills; health and economic well-being, cooking, e-safety

Encouraged expectation that children attend school and are ready to learn with appropriate equipment and kit and take responsibility to be ready and prepared

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

To experience opportunities that broaden their horizons

To enhance their insight into the community and world by providing meaningful learning opportunities

To celebrate/appreciate diversity and culture at national and international level

To widen general knowledge

To give opportunities to pursue their own lines of enquiry



Using the ‘news flash’ feature of Espresso and First News newspapers to keep in touch with current issues

Providing opportunities through visits, local exploration and the use of visitors to ask questions and explore the diversity of people, society, culture

Discussing local and global issues and the impact that they have

Asking questions and research historical events in the local and wider communities