We want the children at Laurel Avenue to develop their knowledge of people and places and to understand the physical, social and economic forces which shape those places and the lifestyles of the people who live there. Our geographical studies cover the local environment and issues of immediate relevance to the area. The children then extend their knowledge of the physical and human features of the wider world. They use a wide variety of sources, including maps, the internet and photos to establish the location of countries, cities, mountain ranges, rivers and seas or oceans. Children are also introduced to the economic and environmental factors which affect development and sustainability. We use an ‘enquiry’ based approach to learning which enables the children to explore geographical questions as independent researchers. The children are encouraged to make links across the curriculum, and use skills learned in English, History, ICT, Mathematics and Science to further their learning. Field trips are also an important means of connecting the children with their locality. We hope that exposure to the cultural and environmental diversity of the world will help the children develop into caring and well informed adults of the future.


At Laurel Avenue Primary School Geography is taught through topics using a skills based curriculum. Learning is supported through questions, decision making, research and discussion.

We provide a wide range of meaningful geographical experiences  and all children will have the opportunity to take an active part in their world, appreciate the similarities and differences in lifestyles of the people of the world and develop positive attitudes towards the care of physical, human and environmental aspects of the Earth.

All topics are reviewed yearly and changed to meet the interests of the children, the requirements of the curriculum and topical events or current issues in the wider world.

For further information on the current years’ topics please see individual Class areas.