Identifying SEND

How Do We Identify And Assess Children With SEN?

A child may require SEND Support if the quality first teaching and specific interventions used to help overcome their barriers is found to be insufficient in meeting their needs. In some cases, External Agencies may be involved to offer advice and/or support. For some children this may be a temporary difficulty, while others may have a long term need for special help.

Children who have been identified as having Special Educational Needs will be given a Support Plan.

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What is a Support Plan?

A Support Plan states what the school, the class teacher and the SENCO plan to do to help your child and gives suggestions on how you can help:

  • High Quality Teaching

High quality teaching and a differentiated curriculum is the first step in responding to a child with a special educational need. Any initial concerns are discussed with parents and carers and actions recorded on what is called a short note. If after an agreed amount of time progress has not been made then the child will be given a support plan.

  • Assess

Working with the SENCO, the class teacher will undertake a clear analysis of the child’s needs and review them regularly. At this point a meeting with the parent/carer will take place so that any relevant information and their views can be shared. This information will be recorded as a short note.

  • Plan

If any adjustments to the curriculum, any interventions or any support is being put in place for their child, parents/carers will be informed as to the expected impact that this additional support could have on progress and developments and there will be a clear date to review the impact. This is recorded as a special educational needs support plan.

  • Do

The class teacher remains responsible for working with the child and ensuring that the support plan is in place.

  • Review

The effectiveness of the support will be reviewed, usually termly.

You will receive copies of targets devised to meet your child’s needs (interventions) and details about when progress will be reviewed. Your views will be important in planning for your child’s education. Progress will be reviewed regularly either at Parents’ Evenings or during review meetings with the class teacher and school SENCO.


Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)

There will be a small number of children (approximately 2% nationally) whose needs are so complex, life long and severe that they require the Local Authority to undertake a Statutory Assessment for an Education Health and Care Plan.

This is a very detailed assessment of your child’s needs. Parents or carers, the school and a range of professionals will all be asked to provide written reports.

At the end of the assessment phase the Local Authority will consider these reports to help decide whether or not to issue an EHCP for your child. As a parent/carer you also have the right to ask the Local Authority to carry out this assessment although it is usually best if you do this with the support of the school.

Statutory Assessment is only appropriate for a small number of children. Mrs Tew (SENCO) or SENDIASS, formerly know as the Parent Partnership Service, will be able to advise you about this.


SENDIASS - Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service

tel: 0191 5873541              e mail:


Pastoral Medical and Social Support

For some children with medical needs or a disability, school will work with both parents and carers as well as staff from Health, to provide a specifically tailored support in order to facilitate safe inclusion to school life. 

This may include:

  • Detailed care plans;
  • Risk Assessments;
  • Reasonable adjustments to the school environment;
  • Purchasing of specialised resources;
  • Medical training for staff.

At Laurel Avenue Community Primary School we consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the pastoral medical and social needs of SEND children are met.

We buy into a package of Educational Psychology support for 4 days to support children with SEND.