Staff Expertise


How do we secure staff expertise in supporting and working with children/young people with SEND?

SENCo, Stephanie Tew: achieved the National SEN Coordination Award in 2016

Masters degree in Primary Education 

Qualified teacher status

Has an oversight of the monitoring of progress and performance of children with SEND

Ensures that staff undertake appropriate training and development to meet the needs of children with SEND

The SENCO is currently undergoing Senior Mental Health Lead training


Headteacher, Gaynor Davison: achieved the National SEN Coordination Award in 2012


At Laurel Avenue Community Primary School we consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the pastoral medical and social needs of SEND children are met.

Every year we buy a package of Educational Psychology support for 4 days to support children with SEN. Our Educational Psychologist is Dr Stephanie Homewood who works with children individually as well as working with the SENCo and Class Teachers in order to ensure the best provision is provided for children with additional needs.

Support from external agencies up-skilling staff.

Bespoke training e.g. Speech and Language by sourcing appropriate to meet the needs of our children.

Continuous in-house training e.g. up-skilling new and experienced staff through visits to other schools, staff meetings and designated professional development days.

Support from other experienced SENCO’s to improve practices in school.

TA’s/HLTA’s leading specific areas of SEND.

Through Performance Management of both Teachers and Teaching Assistants we identify CPD requirements of all staff on a regular basis.


What training and expertise do staff have for the additional support my child needs?

Class teachers/Head teacher/SENCO:

  • All teachers have been trained to deliver Read, Write, Inc Phonics
  • All teachers have had First Quality training in areas of Literacy and Maths
  • All teachers have had training on up to date Autism strategies and resources (on-going)
  • Teachers across school have had Team Teach training: Ms G Davison, Mrs H Walters, Mrs S Tew, Mrs K Hodgson, Miss V Mills and Miss L Tosney.
  • Members of teaching staff across school have had First Aid training: Mrs H Walters, Miss V Mills, Mrs L Staley, Mrs C Smith, Miss C Wilson, Miss L Willis, as well as lunchtime staff Miss K Patterson and  Mr J Winter.
  • Foundation Stage Manager has had Paediatric emergency first aid training: Mrs Chris Lawson 
  • All members of staff have had Safeguarding training
  • All teachers have received up to date training on epi-pen and individual children’s specific needs and the use of their specialist equipment
  • Key teachers are trained in Visual Impairment


Teaching assistants:

  • All teaching assistants trained to deliver Literacy and Maths intervention programmes


Role in school (including level)

SEND strengths / interests

Training completed

Trisha Fawcett
Nursery Assistant
Level 3
Grade 6
Early Years
Attachment in the Early Years
Dental Hygiene
Paediatric First Aid
Blast (SaLT)
Triple A
Anxiety and Autism pilot
Launchpad for Literacy
Janet Chazot
1:1 Teaching Assistant
Specialist Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 3
Reading interventions
VI training
Intermittent catheterisation
Hoist training
Attachment in the Early Years
Anxiety and Autism pilot
Launchpad for Literacy
Kelsey Brown
1:1 Teaching Assistant
Understanding Autism Level 2
Awareness raising training: Anxiety, Worries, Fears and Phobias
Lauren Willis
BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS
Mental health
ASD training
Mental health First Aid (adults)
First Aid
Team Teach Level 1 (guide but not hold)
Administering medication
Livvy Staley
1:1 Teaching Assistant
Level 3 Diploma
Autism Support
Supporting Children’s Mental Health
Team Teach
First Aid
Managing behaviour
Anxiety and Autism pilot
Supporting families
Christy Wilson
Teaching Assistant
GNVQ – Level 2 and Level 3
Grade 5
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Team Teach
First Aid
Anxiety and Autism pilot
Nurture group training
Caroline Smith
Teaching Assistant
Level 2 and 3
Grade 5
Speech and language
First Aid
Team Teach
Hoist training
Catheter training
Speech and Language (half ELKLAN)

The SENCO’s job is to support and advise the class teacher in planning for children with SEND. The school has a training plan for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEND. This includes whole school training on SEND issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Speech and Language difficulties. Individual teachers and support staff attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the needs of specific children in their class.